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Monday, December 19, 2011

Hello Kitty Cake

I've always loved Sanrio characters and Hello Kitty is one of my favorites (however, she can't top Keroppi). So I was excited to honor her on this sweet cake. Her cute face is the star of this cake and she's surrounded by flowers and polka dots. Any Hello Kitty lover would love this cake!


Anonymous said...

Cute, What size is this cake?

dameDonna said...

This is an 8" Square cake, however; I have also made Hello Kitty cakes as a 6" square or a custom carved cake.

Anonymous said...

lovley cake very pretty i may attempt this my self. Did you make one big cake and half it or two serperates? also the icing is it homemade or royal icing. id appreciate a little help its for a very special girl

cheers thanks

dameDonna said...

All of our cakes are two layers (baked as separate layers). I don't remember what flavor buttercream is on the cake, but all of our frostings are made from scratch.

Anonymous said...

How much would a cake like this costs?
Its very cute

dameDonna said...

Give us a call at 206-428-8581 for a custom quote and to place your order.