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Friday, April 1, 2011

Juicy Couture Purse Cake

This was an exciting cake to make - my first purse cake! This was created for a fashionista as a surprise birthday cake for her 40th birthday. Three big layers of our vegan chocolate cake, covered with vegan rose buttercream and then entirely covered in fondant. The details are amazing! I hand painted the logo in gold on the front of the purse and created a zipper from scratch. This cake was a definite hit!

Hand painted logo in gold.

Notice the handmade zipper and
stitching effect on the brown "leather."


Denise Schiller said...

You are amazing!

RULookn4Trouble said...

Ditto Denise, you keep on amazing me with your talent!

dameDonna said...

Thanks you two. :-)