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Friday, April 6, 2012

Sesame Street Cakes - Two Ways

I don't usually combine two separate cake orders in one post, but I thought it would be fun to show the different ways the same party theme could be done with a Stuffed Cake. Both of these cakes were for two year olds, both were 8" square cakes, and both were super cute!

The first cake shown was done in (what we call) 2D fondant - or flat - accents. Avery's favorite characters are front and center and the look like they are popping off the cake. In fact, I think Cookie Monster is ready to shake your hand. The primary colors of Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird look great with the Strawberry buttercream.

The second cake is done with 3D fondant toppers - basically sculptural accents. Oliver's favorite characters are hanging out in Sesame Street, and Slimy made for a perfect "2" on the front of the cake. Ernie is relaxing on a boulder, Oscar is hanging out in his trash-can, Grover is sitting with the flowers and the guest of honor, Elmo, is sitting with his legs hanging over the side of the cake.

You can see that whatever the budget, we can bring your theme to life!

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